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Automated Invoice Processing

Outsource your invoice processing to save time, money, resource and eliminate human error.

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Looking to save the time spend manually dealing with your invoice processing, expenses and orders? Our state-of-the-art scanners and software will capture and intelligently read everything for you, verify it and automatically process it at the speed of a zillion humans!

It’s traditionally laborious work…

Budgeting, expense approvals and signing off invoices due for payment is labour intensive work and can tie senior managers up for hours. By outsourcing these tasks to Data Planit, we can take the hassle away from you, allowing you time to get on with more important tasks within your business.

On top of this, we’re confident that we can streamline your business processes and increase efficiency in this area by up to 75%. We can handle everything quickly and accurately through a single managed stream, whether the data has arrived by web, fax, post or email. We can organise and store it in one central place, on your server or our storage cloud, for easy, instant access.

Benefits at a glance…

  • Speed up approval and entry of invoices
  • React to sales and approve costs quicker
  • Respond to changes in your costs base
  • Cleanse data and check for errors automatically
  • All your data can be stored in one location
  • Increase efficiency in this area by up to 75%
  • Save on paper storage and retrieval costs
  • Eliminate the human error of misplaced or lost files
  • Fast, instant access to your documents

How does it work…

Safe arrival at our data capture centre
Your daily invoices, expenses and orders can be delivered directly to our site which is fully gated, with on-site security and evening patrols. Our buildings have CCTV, are fully monitored, with fire and intruder alarms.

Scanned, intelligently captured and processed

Automated invoice processing means your invoices, expenses and orders are scanned in our digital mailroom and the information fields set by your templates are intelligently read and captured by our software. This data will then be loaded into the Financials Creditors module which removes the need to manually key in information. We then have the capability to process business transactions automatically, set to your unique requirements, without hassling you. Sounds too good to be true right? With the world of technology as it is today, we’ll guarantee you’ll save money, time and resource.

What happens to my files after they are processed?
All your files will be stored on your server or our cloud for instant, searchable access for when you need to retrieve or share any information.

We’re a trusted partner
You‘ll be taken care of with our full support services and disaster recovery. We have full SIRA accreditation in ISO standards 9001, 14001 and 18001, giving you the confidence that we adhere to and maintain industry standards. For further information check out our quality and accreditations.

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