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Digital Mailroom

Outsource your mailroom and save time, money and resource

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Digital Mailroom

With data arriving in to your business through various channels such as the post, web, emails and fax, wouldn’t it be ideal if everything could be neatly organised for you and stored in one central place that you can access any time, anywhere and on any of your devices? Look no further

Instant access to your mail…

Our digital mailroom handles all your mail and data for you, and using our state-of the-art, high volume scanners, we’ll capture and convert it to digital documents such as PDFs that can be stored in one central place, either on your server or our storage cloud. It means your employees have easy, instant access to all their mail, from any of their devices, wherever they are in the world.

There’s more to our digital mailroom than scanning paper mail and converting to digital files. Our ‘super-human’ software processes information as it passes through our scanners and intelligently reads, captures and understands it. This means we can help your company streamline its processes by automatically processing invoices, expenses and orders, saving you huge amounts of time spent manually processing and eliminating human errors.

By outsourcing your mailroom to us, you’ll save time, money and resource. Get in touch about a FREE consultation.

Digital mailroom benefits at a glance…

  • Save on paper storage and retrieval costs
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Eliminate human error of misplaced or lost files
  • Fast, instant access to your documents
  • Improved process quality
  • Greater control and visibility

How does it work…

Safe arrival at our digital mailroom
Your daily post, emails and faxes are redirected to our site every day, which is fully gated, with on-site security and evening patrols. Our buildings are fitted with CCTV, fully monitored, with fire and intruder alarms.

Scanned, intelligently captured and processed

All your mail is sorted in our mailroom, scanned and converted to digital files. The information is intelligently read, captured, organised, processed and then stored on your server or our storage cloud.

What happens to my mail after it is scanned?

That’s totally up to you. One of the benefits of having all your mail scanned and converted to digital files is that you get a paperless office. But, if you’d prefer, we have the facility to store all your paper mail in our paper storage centre, or we can shred it for you using our safe, secure and certified shredding service which is great for the environment.

We’re a trusted partner

You‘ll be taken care of with our full support services and disaster recovery. We have full SIRA accreditations in ISO standards 9001, 14001 and 18001, giving you the confidence that we adhere to and maintain industry standards. For further information check out our quality and accreditations.

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