Today’s businesses rely heavily on their IT infrastructure. Have you thought about what would happen if yours were to suddenly go down? With our offsite disaster recovery service, your business will be back up and running within hours

Don’t leave it to chance

Would your business come grinding to a halt if your systems went down? A loss of infrastructure can often stop businesses in their tracks through power cuts, flooding, fire or theft. And whilst insurance can cover the loss of hardware, your competitors will happily service your customers needs while you are out of action.

With our off-site disaster recovery solution, we can have your business back up and running in no time. We can taking calls and processing orders within a couple of hours of the worst happening. We’ll replicate your critical data, documents and systems, allowing you to transfer key personnel to our fall-back facility and recommence work whilst your main site and equipment is restored and replaced.

Redundant systems can flex to the requirements of the business, growing both in capacity and scope as needed. This can cover telephony, data, applications, financials and databases, stored in a secure environment tied into your live systems via encrypted VPN links for constant accuracy.

So what are the main benefits:

  • Dramatically reduce cost, time, complexity of traditional IT disaster recovery management
  • Protect your IT environment and simplify recovery and backup
  • Set your own disaster recovery time objectives
  • Benefit from non-disruptive backups of your data
  • Minimise the impact of an outage by using your available hardware to automatically restart applications that are critical to your business

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