Is your office space being reduced rapidly with filing cabinets that are bursting at the seems? You can save money of up to 60% and free up space by using our document storage centre

Paper document storage can be a nightmare as your business grows

It’s essential to know that your documents are safe, well managed and can be retrieved quickly when they are needed. If you are losing track of your files, boxes and documents and running out of office storage space, our document storage centre can help.
Here are a few benefits of off-site storage…

Massive savings of up to 60%

  • Save office space
  • Next day document retrieval or emergency 3 hour delivery
  • On demand scanning service for instant electronic retrieval
  • Securely stored with CCTV and fully monitored fire and intruder alarms
  • Documents are tracked and monitored at all times

Low cost document storage and archiving, here’s how it works…

We’ll collect your documents and archive boxes

On first collection, we’ll instantly barcode your boxes to allow a full tracking facility that will go on for the entire life of your documents. They’ll then be delivered safely, in our vehicles that are fully alarmed and tracked, to our secure document storage centre.

Safe arrival at our storage centre

Our site is fully gated, with on-site security and evening patrols. The buildings have CCTV and fully monitored fire and intruder alarms. With our barcoded box referencing, you can be assured that your documents are securely stored, tracked and monitored at all times.

Documents are accessed and retrieved easily

You can access up-to-date reports of your documents location, tracking history, departments and destruction dates. When you need any of your documents, we’ll deliver them to you either the next day or on a 3 hour emergency delivery. Alternatively, we can scan your documents and send them to you electronically. See our scanning service and how you can make best use of it.

We’re a trusted partner

We have full SIRA accreditation in ISO standards 9001, 14001 and 18001, giving clients confidence that we adhere to and maintain industry standards. For further information check out our Quality and Accreditations.

So what else is there?

If you’d prefer, and you have enough space already, we can also offer you the use of our barcoded system that can be installed at your premises, should you wish to keep your documents within your buildings.

Thought of going digital with your documents?

As an alternative to storing your paper documents, have you considered having them all scanned and stored on your server or alternatively our very own, secure Cloud storage system? It’ll make them even easier to access and share, take a look.

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