The day-to-day, laborious processes, that include manually inserting information, can be made up to 75% quicker using our intelligent scanning and data capture solutions. It’ll even eliminate the risk of human error!

Mortgage Processing

Processing thousands of mortgage applications? Cross referencing information on forms with information on other forms? Manually ticking off the checkpoints and looking through supporting information to validate it? It’s all very time consuming and labor intensive work. It takes up huge amount of time, money and resource.

At Data Planit, we’ll streamline all these processes by intelligently scanning and reading this information and validating it all electronically, speeding up processing times and alerting applicants to any shortcomings in double quick time, so mortgages can be granted quicker and without error.

Accountancy and Administration

For accountancy, our data capture services can help in many ways. The applications of which are too numerous to mention, but, storage and indexing of financial reports, annual reports, General ledger processing, Internal audit reports, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Pro-forma Statements Tax documents can all be extracted and validated.

These forms are very easy to capture the data from as our scanning software reads structured and non-structured forms alike. There will be very few exceptions in the field of these structured format documents, making a very high probability of speedy processing.

Sales Order Processing

Our scanners and software will capture online and written template forms before passing on into the sale process. The software will read the data from sales order forms , total up line by line items, check and validate these items and then pass for processing into ERP software.

Accounts Payable Automatic Invoice Processing

Perhaps the most well known application for our software is the transactional processing; By receiving all paper and electronic mail, in whatever format, our software will recognise, sort, validate, line by line and send these invoices to wherever in the organisation they need to go. Workflow protocols, that we put into the system, on your request, mean that overhead and direct sale costs are approved quickly, reducing administration bottlenecks, reducing errors and increasing the efficiency of this process by up to 75%.

Your management accounts will be ready earlier than ever before, your staff will be approving expenditure either by matching Invoice to Purchase Order, sales order or by approving expenses details from staff. The system will automatically trigger electronic invoice approval workflows, these can then be exported by our software in any readable software format ready to import into your accounting package software for coding.

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