With various large projects on the go at one time, you can’t afford to be searching for lost documents that are important to the job in hand. By using our digital mailroom and scanning services, we’ll turn all your paper documents, whether collected from your office, or delivered directly to us as part of our mailroom service, into instant digital files. Meaning they’re easier to store, access, search and share

In the highly litigious world of construction contracting, it’s really important to have information on contracts, agreements, plans, designs, materials and delivery notes at your fingertips. By converting these documents to digital files, you can access them instantly, wherever you are in the world, meaning decisions can be made quickly and workflow keeps moving.

By using our services, there are huge savings to made, and you will instantly eliminate the hidden costs of labour, physical document storage, photocopying and lost productivity from searching for lost data or, even worse, having to reprint and recreate.

According to a report published by the International Professional Association, dedicated to information management, the average business spends £12 filing just one document, £80 in labour costs to find misfiled papers, and a massive £150 in labour to reproduce a lost document, then perhaps courier costs to re-send. The report by AIIM said the average business spends around £8,000 on maintaining just one filing cabinet!

With Data Planit, your documents will be stored securely in one central place, either our Cloud or your server, so you can manage them easily and be sure that nothing will ever get lost.

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