Want to turn your paper files into digital content with our document scanning service? It’ll make your documents easier to share, store and retrieve, while being more secure and saving space.

Document scanning – from paper to digital

Everyone’s heard of document scanning and lots of companies do it, but have you heard of ‘clever’ software that can read the scanned documents and recognise its content? Well, that’s what makes our scanning service better.

We can scan pretty much anything…

  • Paper sizes up to A0 such as engineering plans
  • Finance documents
  • HR files
  • Medical records
  • Architects plans, maps & drawings
  • Client files and contract
  • Historical documents for storage

It’s fast, safe and hassle free…

We’ll collect your paper documents

Firstly, we’ll collect your document storage boxes and instantly barcode them to allow a full tracking facility throughout the production process. They’ll then be delivered safely to our secure information centre.

The document scanning process

On arrival, your documents will be prepared, removing any staples or paper clips. Our high speed scanners will accurately capture your documents and convert them to pretty much any digital file such as PDF, JPG or TIFF at lightening speed.

The clever bit

Our document scanning uses state-of-the-art software that intelligently reads what it’s scanning and turns your content into digital text. Meaning you can search text for precise storing and easy retrieval from your online document management system. Your digital files are indexed and the documents are fully checked through our strict quality assurance process. How they’re delivered to you is your choice; we can either save everything to CDs, DVDs and external hard drives or upload them to our secure cloud storage system.

What happens to my paper documents afterwards?

There are a few options. We can either deliver all your old paper documents back to you free of charge, store them for you at our ultra safe paper storage centre or securely shred them and present you with a certificate. The latter’s great for the environment as all of our shredded material is recycled through UK mills. We even plant a tree for every ton of paper we shred! For more on our shredding service click here.

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