Legal document management can include the laborious tasks of sorting and processing text poor template forms. Have you thought about the time, money and resource you could save by outsourcing these responsibilities and using a volume scanning, data capture service like ours?

Property and casualty claim forms, Life Insurance details, Power of Attorney information, passports, and any type of security and compliance checking procedures can be run through our scanners and software to shorten the claim processing times and costs, improving your response times to your policy holders.

Scanning your documents and converting to digital files has so many advantages in the protracted claim and counter claim processes of insurance, allowing you to deal with your agents, brokers, customer facing staff, loss adjusters and any third party claim organisation in a settling of a claim. There are also powerful scan to process platforms available that will instantly feed claim information into the workflow!

For the processing, gathering and collating of lawsuits, our data capture software really comes into its own, with the incredible cross referencing capabilities, which we call ‘e-bibling’. With this full data capture you can trace documentation and validate instantly by using the repository software and retrieving important information using the search functions, cross referencing any number of ways to see links between vital pieces of information, at the click of a button.

Court filings, Arbitration agreements, Patent filings and all types of your legal information can be extracted, condensed, searched, retrieved and all the time the repository software is keeping records of movement, amendments, changes, so original documentation can be compared to modified ones.

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