Protecting our clients & staff has become a big priority recently, however, this does not mean we have jeopardised our clients document security. We have in place a number of systems and protocols to ensure your files are as safe & secure as they can be.

Our service centre are facilitated within three superbly unique, multi-storey buildings. Document security has been our priority for over 20 years. So, We have Movement and VESDA heat detection systems installed to protect against intrusion and fire. As a result, if an alarm is triggered local Police and local Fire Services are alerted immediately.

Live CCTV operates 24 hours a day, allowing us to ensure that every person entering our service centres are identified. They are then accompanied for the duration of their visit. Staff must be DRB checked to operate in every working area of each building. Access to Storage Levels is limited to those authorised to hold electronic pass-cards.

Transport vehicles are all fitted with satellite tracking devices.

Extensive Disaster Recovery Plans have been established. Including remote back up of IT systems, for instance. Also, we have Insurance Liability Cover in place, Just like other major document management providers.

If you want to find out more about how we keep your documents secure get in touch with our team today!