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Digital Document Storage

Store, access, and instantly retrieve your records whenever
and wherever you need them.

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Digital documents storage in our Cloud means they can be accessed day and night, anywhere in the world, from any of your devices. Making them easier to organise, access, approve, store and share.

Data, data everywhere…

Your business data’s everywhere. It’s in the post, your emails, filing cabinets and archive boxes. You’ll find it across various departments, buildings and even countries. Some businesses choose to deal with and organise their data by purchasing their own digital document storage and capture solutions, but with the high upfront expense, maintenance, support costs and problems with the lack of cross location access, it’s not the ideal solution for many businesses.

You may also be limited to a fixed storage capacity and as your business grows in scale, you’ll struggle with an increase in high-resolution pictures, multimedia files and large documents, rapidly eating into available storage space, posing a real problem to business operations and processes.

Our digital document storage space grows as your business grows

With our Cloud storage, we offer a flexible package that can grow as your business needs grow, transferring the high capital costs into manageable operational costs. With rapid, high-bandwidth internet connections, our Cloud allows live operating documents and data to be stored off-site yet still perfectly accessible wherever you are. Plus, with off-site storage, it allows for data redundancy and backup storage, a typical high cost for businesses, if purchasing backup storage hardware.

Our Cloud’s accessible anywhere

You’ll benefit from having access to our Cloud wherever you are in the world, day or night, meaning you business processes never stop.

You can store pretty much anything digitally in our Cloud…

  • Our state-of-the-art scanners can convert your historical paper documents and store them digitally for easy retrieval in one central place
  • Our software will compress large files and images, saving space and money
  • We’ll store all your existing digital documents, music, video and other media

An end-to-end digital document storage and management service

As one of the only UK companies that offers a true end-to-end digital document management and storage solution, including document scanning and capture, digital document management software, document process automation and business process consultation, we’re perfectly placed to be your trusted business partner.

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