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Project Description

The Department of Environmental Services

The solution totally met our expectations. It did exactly what we wanted it to do. It’s simple, quick, and user-friendly. It is so easy now for us to locate all the different files, and there is much less room for error – critically, in terms of there no longer being the potential for documents to get lost.

Andrew Kendrick, Senior Divisional Standards and Support Officer

The District Surveyor’s Division of the Department of Environmental Services deals with clients such as architects, property developers and the general public when they need information connected to homes, developments or properties.

File Doctors

Five years ago, the Division’s Building Control Office had reams of archived files stored on old fashioned microfiche, and needed to switch to an updated, digital format. So, it brought in Data Planit to compile and scan completed job files, including correspondence and plans. Since then, all files and images are stored electronically and can be accessed and viewed rapidly and efficiently within the department via Data Planit’s Docstore Organiser software.

Location, Location, Location

Since introducing the system the Division is now able to provide a dramatically faster, more efficient service to its customers. The main benefits, says Andrew Kendrick, Senior Divisional Standards and Support Officer at The District Surveyor’s Division, have been as follows:

  • Space savings
  • Speedy file retrieval
  • The ability to locate files and documents using different search criteria
  • High-quality, easily decipherable scans

All part of the service

The Division selected Data Planit for two key reasons: its competitive cost and the quality of its service. “They were really helpful right from the start.” says Andrew. “Prior to implementation, they showed us how the system would work and provided examples of scanned documents for us to look at.”

“Down the line, communications with Data Planit continue to be excellent,” continues Andrew. “Items taken for scanning come back very quickly and the staff at Data Planit are fantastic at prioritising jobs and providing a rapid service for individual documents if requested. They really understand how a department of our type functions and the pressures that come to bear.”

No pain… all gain

“Refreshingly,” says Andrew “original implementation of the system was also straightforward and trouble-free. Their IT people liaised with our IT people and the whole thing was totally painless.”

Final verdict

“The service is excellent, the system is simple to use and the long-term benefits have been gratifying,” concludes Andrew.


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