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Project Description

Nickleby & Co.

We really like their no nonsense, sensible approach. Plus the service is very easy to use.

Jonathan Holley, Managing Director

A little bit of background…

Data Planit began working with business consultancy Nickleby & Co in 2009, who focus on making business cost less and run more efficiently. It helps its clients tackle inefficiencies in their business processes, uncovering and correcting congestion, seepage and unnecessary complications through an objective, honest, and open approach to the task in hand.

They’re an expert in the field, and have developed its own ‘technology’ for delivering its expertise – Emergense® – the combined effort of people, process and software that dynamically reconstructs the way a business functions. Nickleby has applied the principles of Emergense® across a range of disciplines including maintenance management, space planning, software development and health and safety.

Certificate of approval

Nickleby needed to automate Health and Safety compliancy certificates, so brought in Data Planit to help it with the task. Initially, we scanned in the backlog of certificates, and now contractors are able to scan their own ensuring that everything is kept fully up to date. “Data Planit made it all very simple,” says Managing Director Jonathan Holley. “Nothing seems to be a problem, and they always do what they say they will do.”

A paper-free system

Since working with Nickleby, we’ve not only removed the problem of storage, but it is also easy now for employees to locate important documents such as invoices, deeds etc, which can all, be stored electronically. When sensitive (or legal) documents are involved, we always send our own staff to collect the scanned papers so that there is no chance of them getting lost by a courier.

The personal touch

When deciding which company to use for streamlining business processes, Nickleby did look at alternatives – in particular a very large scanning group – but decided that Data Planit were perfectly places to offer the personal service they required. “Data Planit make doing business really easy,” says Jonathan. “They’re flexible, adaptable, and always find the most efficient way of doing things.”

Golden handshake

Delighted with the initial Health and Safety certificate project, Nickleby has gone on to use us for many other projects. One example was the integration of the Data Planit system with its own. The two groups worked successfully together to develop a link – or “handshake”– from both ends. “They take ownership of every project they work on,” says Jonathan. “We really like their no nonsense, sensible approach. Plus, the service is very easy to use.”


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