Digitising physical files and providing the services which will allow our customers employees to work from home for as long as possible, is a key priority for us. Employers across the country are now creating safe working environments ready for employees to begin returning to work. Since the announcement on Sunday, it is expected thousands of employees will return to work within the coming weeks. This will see the flow of work quickly increasing as our customers offices begin to fill. At Data Planit we take the safety of our team, and our customers very seriously. Working in a COVID19 Safe Environment has been our top priority this week as we expect our team to return to work to being processing the work that will soon follow. For us to operate as effectively as possible, we have put in place some measures to allow our team to work effectively whilst being confident that their health & safety remains a priority.

How Are We Working in a COVID19 Safe Environment?

Before the crisis, each operator had their own workstation anyway. However, on occasion it may have been necessary to share some of the equipment in the office. To ensure we are working in a COVID19 safe environment, we have made sure that every workstation has enough equipment, to reduce any chances of sharing equipment. Each workstation has its own sanitizing station. This includes, hand sanitizer, PPE equipment (face masks & gloves) and antibacterial wipes. Each operator has a 2 meter area marked with tape, around their workstation. Each workstation has clear signage with advice and recommendations.

Other measures we have introduced include; regular cleaning of commonly used surfaces. We have also introduced a maximum operator per room rule. Each operator now has their own wireless keyboard, this must follow them to every PC they use. Any shared equipment such as our cutting guillotine, or Large Format Scanner can only be used only according to the rules in place, and must be thoroughly sanitised afterwards.

We believe the measures we have put in place will keep our team, our employees and our customers protected. It means our employees can carry out their duties, to continue providing services to our clients. In turn, we hope this will allow our clients employees to work from home as long as possible. Keeping themselves, their colleagues, and the nation safer. The faster we move through the phases, the faster we will be able to do the things we took for granted before this crisis (see here for more about the COVID19 Alert System)

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