Do you struggle communicating with your suppliers? This is a problem for many small organisations and social media should not be overlooked. We have introduced new ways our clients can get in touch with us via social media.

At Data Planit we take our communication with our clients seriously, we always love to hear from our clients, and are always looking for feedback, whether it is positive or negative. We think Social media is a great way to interact so we have created an Instagram page and a Facebook page. Being on both of these gives us the platform to communicate any news to our clients much more effectively. Follow us and search for Data Planit on both Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date!

In addition to this, we are already on Twitter and LinkedIn so make sure to go and follow our pages on those platforms too!

Finally, the security of your organisations information is very important to us. Please only use these platforms to keep up to date, leave reviews and comment on your experiences with our team. Please Remember and be careful not to request information via one of our social media platforms! To request sensitive information privately you must speak to your account handler and they will help you. If your unsure how to contact your handler and would like more information please get in touch to find out more. contact us here.