Easing Coronavirus Restrictions!

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has now laid out the plan to ease lockdown restrictions. It was announced, as from Wednesday, people who can not work from home, are now being “actively encouraged to go to work”. (Click here to find out more about the plan). As a result, we will expect to see employees making their way back to offices this week. However, this isn’t the end of the fight just yet! There is a long way to go. Employee’s should not be rushing back to work. Working from home with digital files is an option to allow employees to work from home for as long as possible.

Employers must make sure that the workplace is safe for employees to return and Social Distancing must be maintained. There are however, many aspects that will need to be looked at first. For example, How equipment is shared, walking routines, and allowing hot-desking. We’ve seen in other countries around the world, cases have increased since they began to ease restrictions. So this has raised concerns, and if this is not handled very carefully by employers, it may not be long before the UK takes a backward step into Level 5 of the COVID Alert System, introduced by Mr Johnson on Sunday.

We believe most desk based roles can be carried out from home. With the latest technology and software available, there is no reason the majority of tasks can not be carried out with just a laptop and mobile phone. Employers may suggest their employees can not work from home, as all of the files they need are in the office.

Working from home with digital files

Precautions are being taken as people expect to head back to work.

Working at home with Digital Files?

At Data Planit, we specialise in digitising entire filing cabinets, sometimes within hours. This gives employees access to critical information quickly and efficiently. Allowing them to view, edit and collaborate with other employees, as well as working at home with digital files.

Digital files are not only useful for home workers:

  • They help prevent transmission of other viruses passed on from shared filing cabinets.
  • Free up office space so that Social Distancing measures can be practiced.
  • Improves employees efficiency.
  • Increases level of customer service.
  • Lowers operating costs.

In conclusion, Working From Home can be Easy. Social Distancing is possible at work. And Finally, Digital Filing is the future of document management!

To find out how Data Planit can help your business continue to operate efficiently during these times, check out our Digital Scanning Page, or get in touch with us today!