It’s now time to start thinking about allowing employees to work from home on a more regular basis. Conversations across the country are dividing opinions and messages seem to be unclear on returning to work. For businesses that are looking to bring back desk-based workers, we can help you provide your employees with the necessary tools which will allow employees to continue to work digitally from home for as long as possible. Also protecting your business from further damage should a second spike appear due to the easing of restrictions! Find out more here!

Government Announcements

After Prime Minister, Boris Johnson addressed the nation to lay out the stages of easing the restrictions, many questions have been raised. He encouraged employees to make their way back into work, if its impossible to work from home. Employers will now have to ensure that any employees returning to work are protected. There will still be many restrictions in place so that employees can actively practice social distancing. As a result, the productivity will be much lower.

The UK Government are advising that the public are to wear face masks when commuting, and in the workplace. Which itself has caused much debate, with some arguing it is not an effective way of preventing the virus. It is of course still vital the R number (number of people 1 person will pass the virus onto) remains below 1. If this number rises above 1, it is likely the government will revert to Phase 5. This will see business shut, and employee’s asked to stay home again, causing further damage to businesses and the economy.


Furlough Scheme Extended

On Tuesday, the government also announced an extension of the Furlough Scheme. Chancellor, Rishi Sunak has extended the period by four months. Allowing UK businesses to claim 80% of their furloughed employees salaries until October. Asking businesses to start sharing the cost from August. As of August, Employers will be asked to begin bringing back staff on a part time basis. (See more)

We are now seeing the number of cases and deaths in the UK fall every day, but, we are far from the end of this crisis. We must still work from home where it is possible, to avoid any potential transmission when travelling to and from work, or whilst at work. The safest place for anyone, is at home. With our help, businesses can provide employees with the tools and resources to allow them to work effectively from the safety of their homes.

Work Digitally From Home

At Data Planit, we can provide services & tools so that your employees can manage their workload from home. Our consultants can assess your requirements, and will know exactly which tools are available on the market. Once implemented, employees will be able to work remotely, and be just as productive as if they were in the office.

If you have files stored in your workplace that employees need to work with on a regular basis, Data Planit can collect, prepare, and carefully scan all of your files. Making them easy to access via any cloud-based platform. Filing Cabinets, especially shared ones, are one of the worst places in most offices for transmitting viruses (along with door handles of course). The measures employers will have to enforce for returning employees, such as regular cleaning of shared surfaces, will be extremely hard to manage, and standards will slip. This kind of carelessness could easily see the nation back in Phase 5 and restrictions will become tighter again.

It’s far easier to provide employees with the tools to work digitally from home. Contact Data Planit today for free advice: